Miss Universe Harnaz’s role model Priyanka

After winning the Miss Universe 2021 crown, Harnaz Sandhu is floating in praise. Since the victory, many of the showbiz people have loved and wished Harnaz well. Sushmita Sen and Lara Dutt also congratulated him. However, Harnaj thinks that Priyanka’s wish is the best achievement. The new world champion also claims that this country girl is her inspiration and role model.

In a recent interview with Bollywood Hangama, Harnaz spoke. At the time, Harnaz Sandhu was asked about a personality whose biopic he would love to work on with great pride. In reply, Miss Universe 2021 winner said, ‘Priyanka Chopra’.

‘I want to be a part of that movie if he is biopiced. I think he inspired me with his journey. In this way, you will continue to inspire millions of people like us, “she added.

Earlier, when Harnaz Sandhu won the title of ‘Miss Diva 2021’, she expressed her love for the ‘Matrix’ star. “Priyanka Chopra is my biggest inspiration,” he told Rediff. She has created her own brand and has represented India not only in beauty pageants but also through her acting and singing talents. He has made India proud and I am trying to follow in his footsteps. The way he has brought glory to the country, I hope to bring it too. 

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