new chapter “Maddhayom” begins in the online world

The dream journey of online media ‘’ has started. New feathers were added to the sky of the media.

With countless readers, viewers and listeners, the medium family started its journey with the only address of the news under the slogan “Maddhayom”.

Countless readers, viewers and listeners are very much interested in the Maddhayom. Many of their expectations have been met through this new online launch. Inaugurating the event, the guests said that the media would gain the confidence of the media by providing objective news.

Thanking everyone on behalf of the “Maddhayom” family, Sanjit Karmakar, director of the news portal, said, “We as a nation are at a crossroads.” Pray that the path ahead of us will be more beautiful and better. He expressed hope that we can move forward by cultivating the spirit of liberation war.


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