New elections announced in Pakistan after dissolving the parliament

International Maddhayom: No-confidence motion against Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has not been tabled in the country’s parliament. He then dissolved the National Assembly and announced new elections.

The no-confidence vote was supposed to be held on Sunday Prime Minister Imran Khan’s departure was almost certain when the vote was held as most of the MPs were against it But the motion of no confidence was rejected by the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly.

A statement from the president’s office said, Arif Alvi dissolved the National Assembly on the advice of the Prime Minister. 

As a result, elections will have to be held within the next 90 days from April 3

Dissatisfied with the no-confidence vote

The country’s lawmakers gathered at the parliament building on Sunday to take part in a no-confidence vote. Earlier, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Qasim Suri denied the allegations, saying “this vote is against the constitution of the country. Qasim, who is known to be a supporter of Imran Khan, said, “I object to the motion of no-confidence in accordance with the constitution.

Shortly after this, Imran Khan spoke about it In the meantime, the president has been advised to dissolve the assembly, he said When this advice reaches the president, the assembly will be dissolved, he said Then the process of forming a caretaker government will begin.

I urge the people to prepare for the next elections,” he said A plot to overthrow the government has been foiled.

Bilawal Bhutto, head of the opposition Pakistan People’s Party-PPP, has called for a sit-in in parliament to protest the decision. According to Pakistani media, he has warned to go to the Supreme Court of Pakistan against this decision if necessary.

Debate has started over whether the decision taken by the Speaker is constitutional

Khan is blaming the United States

Imran Khan has blamed ‘foreign powers’ for the political instability in the country He also accused the opposition of conspiring with the United States to remove him.

He says Washington wants to remove him because of good relations with China and Russia Washington has denied the allegations. (AFP, AP, Reuters)

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