Three thousand Russian soldiers killed: Ukraine

International : The Ukrainian armed forces claim that three and a half thousand Russian soldiers have been killed. Ukraine has also claimed that more than 200 Russian troops have been captured.

Ukraine’s armed forces claim to have destroyed 14 Russian planes, eight helicopters and 102 tanks. However, the BBC reports that the Ukrainian armed forces have not been able to verify the allegations. Russia has not yet commented on the matter.

Meanwhile, a post on the Ukrainian army’s Facebook page revealed that fierce fighting was taking place in the Vasilkiv area of ​​the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. It also said Russian troops were engaged in fighting with Ukrainian forces on key roads in Kiev.

Ukrainian authorities controlling Kiev say fighting is now taking place on the streets of our city. Residents of the capital, Kiev, have been told to take refuge in safe places. They are forbidden to take position on windows and verandas.

Journalists from various countries based in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, also reported fighting on the roads here. They added that loud explosions and gunfire could be heard in the center of the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.

At the time, the Ukrainian military said on its Facebook page that it had destroyed Russian military positions in several places. They did not allow Russian troops to re-occupy any Ukrainian cities. Source: BBC

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